Gym Promotion with the Experts

The importance of Marketing Your Gym

The fitness industry is largely saturated. You need to be special to stand out. Refine your values, tighten your product offering, and find your lane to connect with the right customer.

The benefits of choosing AI Digital

AI Digital specialises in brand building and marketing strategy. We can help your gym find its voice by crafting creative and inspirational messaging that engage clients and shares your passion for health and fitness.

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Our approach and
how it works?



We sit down and discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve.


Marketing strategy

We understand the challenges gyms face and put together a campaign tailored to budget.



Systems are set up across different platforms to promote your brand and increase online reach.


Optimisation and analysis

Data is tracked across different mediums to optimise our marketing efforts.

Make your Gym stand out online

We help you find your niche, define your perfect customer, and then tailor your message accordingly to explain why your gym is the perfect fit.

Our vehicles for messaging and distribution include content and social media marketing, pay per click advertising and curated web copy.

Our pricing is customised to each client based on their specific needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.