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A FREE Benchmarking Report comparing you to three of your main competitors, showing you:

Who Has the Most Website Visitors

Which competitor of yours has the most diners visiting their site? Identify who has the best SEO strategy.

Who Has The Best Restaurant Reviews

Where your competitors rank in terms of restaurant reviews on both Facebook and Google My Business.

Which Website is Designed For Bookings

A review from our UX/UI expert on whether your website is set up to engage diners and have them book on both mobile and desktop.

Are Your Competitors Running Paid Ads

Find out if your competitors are using Google ads and Facebook ads to increase bookings and who has tracking set up.

Grow and study competitors and trends

Discover the strategies your competitors use. Look at the benchmarks they set and find free opportunities to advertise.

Within 48 hours receive a report and plan on how to improve your restaurants marketing.

Why a Digital Marketing Audit will help your Restaurant

Our audit will set you up for both 'quick wins' and long-term success by helping you answer the following questions:

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