Measurement Marketing

Increase ROI, gather reliable sales data and get clear insights on customers

Empower your business with data-backed insights to optimise your marketing campaign and make smart business decisions.

What's Included

GA 4, Search Console and Conversion Tracking

We set up GA4, search console and conversion tracking to capture user interaction and provide a detailed report of your website performance and digital channels.

Tag Manager & Pixels Installation

Install all tags including google ads, GA4, and the Facebook and LinkedIn Pixels to achieve a granular understanding of how users are interacting with your online presence.

Website Dashboards

Real time dashboards are created to provide immediate insights on your online marketing channels to help with real-time decision making.

Education and Support

We run workshops on how to best utilise the reporting and analysis skills that we provide to upskill your staff and create a data-driven company culture.


Data Analysis and Insights

In-depth analysis of digital channels and website analytics to identify the most profitable customer segments and products.

Channel Dashboards and Reports

Develop automated reports for both google and Facebook ads to provide immediate feedback on how your campaign is performing to grow and optimise quickly.

Conversion Tracking Set Up

Review and optimise your conversion tracking. This ensures that the data you receive is of the highest quality, enabling precise targeting.

Why Us

AI Digital Solutions specialises in data tracking, website analytics, and business analysis. We use machine learning and data analytics to employ a thorough implementation of key analytics platforms.

Stop wasting money and start measuring your marketing effectiveness

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