Firaz is a highly skilled professional with expertise in performance marketing, analytics and paid media marketing. He also has experience in social media marketing, analytical thinking, search engine optimisation (SEO), and B2B/B2C marketing. With a successful track record in driving business growth and implementing effective strategies, Firaz brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to AI Digital.

As the Performance Marketing Manager, Firaz has consistently delivered exceptional results by developing and executing performance marketing strategies. His ability to optimise conversion rates, set up MarTech strategies, and manage SEO and web development has made him a valuable asset for our clients across various industries.

With a passion for staying ahead of industry trends and a commitment to driving meaningful and long-lasting improvements, Firaz is a highly capable and versatile professional in the field of performance marketing. His diverse skill set, coupled with his proven track record, positions him as a valuable asset for organisations seeking to enhance their marketing strategies and achieve exceptional results.