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5 AI based Applications that can elevate your digital marketing strategy

July, 2020 By James Lawren

Analytical insights are what allow marketing campaigns to improve and flourish. There are many apps out there that gather the analytics but, making sense of them requires several hours or even days of manual labour. Artificial Intelligence has allowed for this process to become automated. Thus, allowing valuable time to be spent focusing on other areas of the business.

Here are 5 AI based applications that can elevate your digital marketing strategy:

1 – Cortex

Cortex is an app focused on social media analysis. It tracks the content you post and lets you know what types of content are performing the best. This is done by analysing which themes, messages and even colours your customers are interacting with the most.

Cortex also tells you what the optimum times for posting are to ensure you get the most interactions out of your posts. This app also has the added benefit of giving you insights into your competitors content and how its performing. This allows you to identify threats and create opportunities to overcome competitors.

Overall, this program allows you to create consumer-focused content while gaining a competitive edge.

2 – Cortex (By Retention Science)

Nope you’re not seeing double, there’s 2 of them.

This Cortex application is an email and advertising marketing platform by a company called ‘Retention Science’. It has the ability to refine email subject lines to entice the customer to open emails. This allows you to get an insight into who the customer is and what kind of marketing will be most effective at targeting them.

Cortex also has the ability to use this data to send emails at prime times, customised for each customer to increase response rates. Additionally, the app is also capable of integrating SMS and targeted website advertisements to existing customers, in order to maximise your user engagement and click-through rates.

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3 – Emarsys

Emarsys is an all-encompassing AI marketing system that involves content creation, social media, emails and traditional advertising. The program analyses data from all these channels to optimise the user’s marketing strategy. It includes industry analytics for you to equalise and/or set yourself apart from your competitors. It also allows for customer personalisation, leading to increased brand loyalty.

Emarsys automates several processes that would usually require 2-3 employers to do. Most importantly, rather than buying 5 different applications, Emarsys gives you all the tools you need in one program. Thus, saving you money and strongly integrating your campaign and analytics.

4 – Netbase

Netbase is also an application for social media analysis but, what sets it apart is its ability to learn from the analytics gathered from the customer and continually evolve. This app analyses data gathered from social media and provides insights into how posts are performing, who is interacting with it and how.

Its machine learning abilities allow you to protect your brand’s reputation, improve crisis management by quickly identifying the problem, and evidently, boosting the performance of your campaign.

5 – Pattern 89

Pattern 89 is also a social media advertisement analyser, but this application focuses on the creative side of things. This application analyses your existing posts, see what is working best, then suggests those elements to you for future posts. These elements include colours, emojis, picture orientation, objects in the photo, placement and also the format of ads. For companies that are very cautious in their aesthetic presence, this app would be a game changer and a welcome relief from all the tiring manual analytics one would have to do on each post.

All these Applications serve different purposes and some technologies may be more sophisticated than others. However, they all do the same thing – Automate processes that would otherwise take up valuable time, allowing you to optimise your marketing campaign.

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