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AI is the new marketing tool; 4 top AI-powered programs to enhance your business.

9th November 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                     

It goes without saying, artificial intelligence has shaken the marketing world. They provide an abundance of benefits to provide personalised and relevant content. Its effectiveness is a key marketing tool in today’s business climate where technological advancements have taken over human intelligence. Likewise, it is only appropriate to take advantage of these advancements with AI tools to monitor consumer behaviour. The following are a list of both free and paid AI marketing tools that assist with key marketing functions including ANSWER. 

  • IBM Watson Personality Insights 

This software by IBM extracts data from social media and other digital communications and uses this information to build in-depth personas. With this information, marketers can discover consumer insights and discover actionable strategies such as content strategy or influencer campaigns.  

  • MarketMuse 

MarketMuse facilitates efficiency on competitive analysis, SEO and content research. With the help of artificial intelligence, this software reads the content to analyse and determine the relevance of a page to a primary keyword. It then proposes improvements to ultimately enhance your search ranking and drive increased organic traffic. 

  • Arimo 

Arimo is a behavioural AI platform that analyses user click activity in order to predict their next action and the likelihood of further consumption. This platform allows marketers to create personalised incentives and recommendations to increase the chances of conversion. With this invaluable power, marketers are able to grasp consumers’ behaviour and tailor to their needs to ensure that there is a market opportunity for their product in a consumer’s ideal world. 


Following on this personalisation train, is an AI-powered sales assistant which automates email communication and personalise chats and the overall consumer experience. By minimalizing human interactions, user experience becomes natural and genuine as their needs are understood before a human sales representative contributes to the conversation, adding efficiency. With, moving customers through their user journey ensures they are devoting their time to active leads who are more likely to convert. Check out how our team at AI Australia has utilised this through our Chatbot. 

Today’s technological climate allows us to harness the power of user experience and analyse consumer behaviour. With traditional marketing tools including advertisement, direct marketing or personal selling, AI allows marketers to elevate these tools to ensure effective strategies ensure greater conversion rates and greater efficiency during this process. 

Michaela Agius

Michaela Agius

Digital Marketing Analyst at AI Australia


Advancements in digital technology has been widely increasing and integrated in many aspects of our lives. AI Digital Solutions can assist in refining your operations and value chains to increase the benefit towards your customers, employees and shareholders, through digital technologies. We offer customers with a services and expertise in digital growth strategy, technology and execution in marketing / sales.



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