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How Artificial Intelligence can influence email marketing in digital marketing

16th November 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Emails has been an important concept in digital marketing for its direct approach and cost-effective methodology. Since Artificial Intelligence has provided so much help, email marketing has become a very powerful and useful tool in digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence has many benefits that garner higher conversions, also involves personalisation, automation, and data analysis. For an AI start-up company to boost their email strategy for more proficient results, AI is suggested for upgrading your email marketing. However, there are seven ways that Artificial Intelligence influences email marketing.  

  • Predictive Personalisation 

 Using effective algorithms and data driven insights, Artificial Intelligence can help the company personalise future emails for their subscribers without using human tinkering, driving better results without increasing staff, time, and budget. It can also help reveal analysis that may not be apparent to the naked eye. 

  • Smart Segmentation 

Analysing common trends such like social media metrics or purchasing patterns, AI can segment your subscribers into specific groups. With the consideration of segmentation and a better understanding of customer interests and behaviours, personalising the email factor will be easier.  

  • Automated Workflow 

With AI automation, the processes involved in marketing is made faster and easier. It can easily help identify behaviours and events triggered for email marketing, tailor messages for the best conversion and set up automated campaigns for lead nurturing.  

  • Optimised subject line and email content 

An offshoot to personalisation determines to generate human-like content, including email subject that is consistent with the language of its brand. Through the essence of natural technology language, AI can assist to find the best words for recipients to response leading to achieve best results.  

  • Send time and email frequency optimisation 

With incorporating AI, digital marketers have the capacity to email recipients at certain times that they are most likely to open it and respond. The frequency at which emails are sent is configured, with the goal of optimisation. 

  • Multivariate and A/B testing 

AI tests are more robust than the usual multivariate and A/B testing. This involves identifying trends, making predictions, and even recognising the differences between tests that go unrecognised. Some AI platforms even optimise their campaigns avoiding revenue loss.  

  • Analytics 

 The data generated from email marketing campaigns is incorporated into other broader analyses, like analysing customer engagement to predict any trending results and outcomes.  

Artificial intelligence is technology that simulates human intelligence with concepts like learning and reasoning for marketing purposes. With the use of AI, marketers are now able to analyse big data and automate processes for efficiency, by determining and implementing insights much faster.  

Afioga Leota

Afioga Leota

Sales And Marketing Representative


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