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We’re a full-service agency with experts in-house who can transform your business into a digital sucess.


Did someone say growth? Our dedicated team can help propel your start-up to great heights with value-adding marketing and business improvements regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

A fresh perspective from a set of professional eyes might be just what your start-up needs to elevate your overall business performance and campaign effectiveness.

How We Work:

01 Evaluate Business
02 Make Strategic Recommendations
03 Execute Strategies

Our Products:

Chatbots | Websites | Digital Marketing | Events Branding
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Continued digital transformation is leading to more conversations with customers across a multitude of touchpoints, making it essential for businesses to provide a seamless experience overall.

With growing demand for information and heightened expectations from customers, a chatbot can be your helping hand at providing efficient, on-brand customer experiences that add to business performance.

How We Work:

01 Brand Identity
02 Chatbot’s Target Audience
03 Chatbot Deliverables
04 Conversational Architecture
05 Conversation Content
06 Testing and Improving
07 Analyse and Iterate

Digital Marketing

Are you seeing digital growth in marketing and sales? If not, it could indicate a problem.

With businesses increasingly focusing on growing their digital presence and targeting their audience online, if you haven’t jumped onto the bandwagon yet, you might be missing out on opportunities rife with potential! Our team can provide the optimum strategy based on your needs that can help you achieve your business’ goals and surpass expectations.

How We Work:

01 Social Media Marketing
02 LinkedIn Network
03 Content and Copywriting
04 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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AI Digital Offers You

Great Opportunities for Business Growth

We make digital business growth look easy. Want to know our secrets?

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Websites & Apps

Let us help you turn everyday users into potential customers. Websites are the portal to your business’ services and a well-designed one goes a long way at attracting and retaining visitors. We offer end-to-end website and app planning for our clients to ensure their brand image is conveyed just the way they’d like it.

It can be exhausting to plan and develop a website, so why not let us take that weight off your shoulders?

How We Work:

01 Define Website’s Purpose
02 Your Target Audience
03 Website Design and Development
04 Review, Plan and Finalise Website
05 Market Your Website
We follow the same process for building apps too!

What is included:

Static Websites | Custom Websites | E-commerce Websites | App Development (iOS and Android)


Did you know that you can save up to 75% of your event costs just by going digital? Not only does it save you staff, venue and set-up costs, but also saves your attendees time, making it a lot more convenient for them.

Virtual events are catching on quickly. Why miss a chance to for your business to connect with a wider target audience at a global scale?

Eventbrite, the virtual event ticketing platform has found 47% of people are more likely to engage by asking a question at a virtual event as opposed to in-person events. The time is right, get connecting with your customers now!

How We Work:

01 Event Strategy
02 Platform and Event Planning
03 Promotion
04 Event
05 Post-Event Lead Analysis

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AI Digital Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all digital marketing-related solutions. We are an agency that strives to enhance your digital capabilities by infusing AI into aspects of your business for improved efficiency.



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