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How AI is shaping digital marketing campaigns and provides insight from video marketing

19th October 2020

We understand a picture speaks one thousand words, so we can just imagine the marginal value both individuals and businesses receive when a video comes into the mix of a marketing campaign. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, businesses can quantify their success over their video marketing campaign through metrics including average view duration, audience retention and click-through rate. With the ability to collect data and analyse it, AI is the transformative force that is shaping modern day digital marketing strategies. Whilst it is a controversial topic that AI are the eyes and ears of your computer screen, posing this skill allows for an efficient and accurate allocation of data on consumer behaviour and, conversely, promote personalised interactions with stakeholders for future business. 

The first step: what are they watching and where?

Understanding what platforms are being used by customers are equally as crucial as the content itself. With the help of AI analytics, companies hold vast tools and algorithms to offer browsing habits and customer behaviour. This is key for future video marketing strategies as the information about your target market allows for a personalised experience. These interactions are more relevant and thus ensure greater engagement as it reflects their interests. A subset of artificial intelligence that produces this insight is titled Machine Learning. This type of technology monitors algorithms and models which are then used by computer systems to perform a task. To apply this to video marketing, once a business creates a video, machine learning enhances its engagement levels by identifying which audience reacts to what content. Moreover, machine learning provides access on comments and shares, therefore analysing what catalyses people to view a video and how they react to it. Likewise, if an individual liked a video they viewed, machine learning will translate that as content that should appear more frequently to that person. Ever wonder why we google something and next minute, it appears as a sponsored advertisement on social media? The power of artificial intelligence.

What does AI offer?

At the heart of artificial intelligence is the convenience and accuracy that it provides. Marketers shorten their lead time to produce video marketing content that is guaranteed to be relevant and engaging to the market. No longer are the days where content is created and altered afterwards as today’s world offers instantaneous personalised interactions. Undoubtedly, customers react more favourable to video advertisement which are reflective of their interests and recent searches. AI analytics builds from this information to generate content that resembles the market’s interests. An added benefit of personalisation is improved conversion. With the constant surge in internet usage, individuals meet with multiple video marketing efforts that, for the most part, do not resonate with their interests and therefore cause nuisance. This notorious reputation is dissipated if the video is relevant. As videos bring a product to life, AI ensures that customised videos will encourage call to action.

Artificial Intelligence: is it necessary to learn about?

Given the advantages outlined above, a definite yes is your answer. The effectiveness proves to be a strategy that clouds all doubt. Despite their cunning reputation and history of negative reaction, AI offers businesses opportunities to tailor content for video marketing and devise strategies from this information and in turn, proves to be a win-win situation for all stakeholders- customers too.

Michaela Agius

Michaela Agius

Digital Marketing Analyst at AI Australia

Michaela Agius

Michaela Agius

Digital Marketing Analyst at AI Australia


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