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Who are we

The AI Digital team harnesses the latest technologies and strategies to stay on the bleeding edge of the digital landscape.

Growth Strategy Lead

I am passionate about revolutionising traditional marketing.

Networking and Connect Lead

I am passionate about forging strong networks for companies to help them thrive in their industry.

Experience and Design Lead

I am passionate about building digital experiences that challenges the status quo.

Marketing Optimisation Lead

I am passionate about changing the way companies interact with its customers through digital technologies. 

Digital Events Lead

I am creating events that enhance the relationship between companies and their customers.

Digital Platforms and Connect Lead

I am passionate about taking care of clients to ensure building smooth collaborations and allowing businesses to stand out.

Our Services

AI Digital Solutions is committed to working with clients to achieve greater business value through creative, professional and AI driven solutions. Our team has been built around experts of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Strategies, and Digital Marketing. 


We provide you with a strategy to refresh your marketing and overall business goals.


Customer Growth Strategy
Market Growth Strategy  
Profit Enhancement Strategy  


Our rethink and redesign approach leads to new digital experiences which generate value for your customers and business.


UX Research
UI Design
Mobile Application Design
Mobile and Web Applications Development


We help you to reimagine what it means to be connected with your stakeholders.


Digital Event design
Digital Event Consulting
Digital Event Management


Our approach ensures the implementation of value-adding, sustainable improvements along your customer’s entire journey.


Sales Optimisation
Data Analytics
Digital Analytics
Service Automation
Chatbots and Platform Development


We help you to engage with your customers to build the digital network that can refuel your business.


Communication Strategy
Marketing Communication

Get in touch

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AI Digital Solutions is a one-stop shop for all digital solutions. We are an agency that strives to enhance your digital capabilities by infusing AI into aspects of your business for improved efficiency.



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Callum Bir (Growth Strategy Lead)

Callum has over 20 years of experience in formulating growth and go-to market strategies, with focusing on the global and regional markets. He specialises in Brand Strategy, Guerrilla Marketing Tactics, as well as leveraging digital platforms infused with AI to disrupt the norms in marketing. 

Antara Rao (Networking and Connect Lead)

Antara is the Networking and Connect Leader for AI Digital Solutions. She formulates the digital networks of companies and also develops their branding to ensure they have a strong social front. Antara helps our customers create well-rounded profiles and builds strong business networks.  

Cindy Chan (Experience and Design Lead)

Cindy is the Experience and Design Lead for AI Digital. Her primary focus is to marry her clients’ business objectives with their users’ needs. She is AI Digital’s technology leader in Digital Strategy and Implementation.  

Stefan Zurfluh (Marketing Optimisation Lead)

Stefan leads the Marketing Optimisation Team (MOT) within AI Digital Solutions. He uses customer intelligence to increase the performance of marketing campaigns. Recently, Stefan has focused on Marketing Automatization and Transformation, Customer Intelligence, and its implications on the Customer Experience.  

Anushka Onkar (Digital Events Lead)

Anushka is the Digital Events Lead for AI Digital Solutions in Australia. Her primary focus is to assist organisations in hosting events as well as connecting Digital Innovators and Entrepreneurs by providing with them cost effective solutions to enhance their visitor experience.   

Linnea Kirkeland (Digital Platforms and Connect Lead)

Linnea is the Digital Networking Lead for AI Digital Solutions. Her primary focus is communication and networking, and she is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with key clients. At the same time, she is also working on developing and implementing marketing campaigns and communication strategies to enhance the identity of the business brand. 

Technology Services

We assist our clients in reducing customer service costs through implementing and adjusting their digital technologies. Our technology services include:

- Chatbot

Create powerful conversational chat bots that meets your user’s needs. We work end-to-end with you from research to testing your chat bot. The chatbot provides customers with an authentic conversational experience.

- Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutions involve implementation of a messenger bot such as ManyChat, which enables for you to connect with your customers 24/7. This innovative digital technology leverages the power of marketing automation today.  Explore the future of marketing automation today that leverages digital technologies such as messenger bots, connecting you with your customers 24/7. 

- Cost of Calls

The cost of calls can integrate AI in calls, followed by human interaction. This applies a similar concept to 1300 AI Australia, which makes it easier and more affordable to contact the business.   

- Segmentation

Through the use of ML for multi-level segmentation, this enables for a more refined selection of your target market. It assists in optimising your marketing strategy towards the right marketing mix.

Marketing / Sales

We assist you in developing marketing campaigns based on data-driven segmentation and attaining marketing insights.  

- Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutions involve designing an effective marketing campaign by analysing and interpreting data-driven segmentation. 

- Network

Networks that will be used to connect to potential clients include LinkedIn, GPZ,, etc.