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Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of Video Marketing

19th October 2020

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised the online customer experience that is tailored based on customer desire and interest. AI analytics enabled digital marketing tactics including ad targeting and SEO therefore made it possible for brands to make data-driven decisions.

Within the digital marketing industry, a very important tool that can be very useful for AI analytics is Video marketing.

Predominantly, the future of Video marketing has become more attractive and exciting as brands begin to realise its significance. With the continued growth of video consumption and engagement, it should not be difficult for any marketer to encourage their company and brands to invest in Video Marketing. Not only daily video consumption has increased, however 52% of marketing experts, ( 2015) have stated ‘all forms of online content, video marketing is the one that provides them with the best ROI.’

According to a research by Hubspot, 81% of businesses regularly use video content as a marketing tool, up from 63% over the last year, ( 2020). 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% view online videos every day, ( 2020). However, there are three important strategies that AI can shape video marketing in the future for brands.

1. AI enables the creation of more personalised video content, which is proven to result in higher engagement

  Not only personalisation boosts engagement, but customers are also expected to see a more tailored message digitally. Personalised video marketing is a tactic that many brands have yet to explore and adopt, but as companies see the creation of tailored video content generating higher levels of engagement, as more personalised video content will be more visible in the future. The next few years that is yet to come, AI data is likely to provide the potential for hyper-personalisation in video marketing that will be appealing to customers. The message behind this is that people tend to have an emotional response to content that speaks directly at them.

2. Businesses are more likely to invest in a video marketing strategy that has been tested and shown to deliver ROI

 AI analytics have marketers test the video content and generate a better idea of results before investing more extensively. This opportunity to test and learn was not possible before artificial intelligence. Also, with an essential understanding of what their video content can achieve, businesses and brands will be able to invest their digital marketing budget more into it. 

It is also possible for brands to create a few different video content ideas and test them to see where their audience engages. Once results are delivered and generated, marketers can optimise their video marketing plan to only use the videos that audiences responding to. AI analytics can deliver real-time updates which allow marketers to optimise their video marketing plans once live.

3. Artificial intelligence improves the customer experience of consuming online video content while increasing conversion for businesses

With users now spending one-third of the day watching videos, many customers can perceive video ads as annoying and irrelevant. If marketers provide video ads only to customers shown to search for a specific product or service, it is less likely to disturb their online viewing experience. Results show that customers are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen a video about it rather than just read about it.

64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms, ( 2020). Video marketing actively promote products and brands in a way that text simply cannot compare. These statistics rely on AI, resulting in a higher level of investment in video marketing advertising across businesses in the future.

AI clearly shapes the future of video marketing by providing brands an opportunity to personalise their content and generate their whole video marketing strategy using analytics. This thereby creates a win-win situation for both brands and consumers. For all these reasons, AI will be a very resourceful tool in the future, by continuing to help brands develop relevant yet simple video content for their specific own target audience.

Afioga Leota

Afioga Leota

Marketing At AI Digital Solutions

Afioga Leota

Afioga Leota

Marketing At AI Digital Solutions


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