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Five essential things of how AI (Artificial Intelligence) will dominate the future of SEO

5th October 2020

The future of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) aligns well with AI which is constructed into the search algorithm nowadays. AI has been discovered recently and the impact of it is visible and trending in many industries.  


However, the opinion has majorly shifted regarding AI, while others agreed that AI takes away jobs from people. People now have noticed that AI complements the jobs to make it more interesting. SEO has gone through many new changes so far. It started off as simple, just a way to optimise your page better for discovery and now it is designed as a complex process that never ends. It means enhancing the content and making it in a way that will be useful on many platforms and devices.  

There are five ways of how AI will dominate the future of SEO  

1. User Experience and SEO

AI companies would need to focus on making the user experience positive and smooth as possible since the updates made by Google made it almost impossible to be seen without putting the user experience being the best possible.  

There have been several new updates that have created more demand for user experience improvements. 

  • Pigeon update improved the local searches and made them more advanced
  • Top-heavy helps people avoid pages that have bulky ads 
  • Mobile friendly is an update that gave a priority to websites that are adapted to mobile devices

This also means working on getting to know your own target audience and how they interact so that you can build a user experience that they will like. People tend to share what affected them on an emotional level and this is a very important thing to understand. 


The first solution for better user experience is to make the website more functional and easier to navigate, not to mention more accessible from all browsers and devices.  

This is the basis and something all websites should do.  

To build links, you need to: 

  • Limit the number of links you must have to target the same niche
  • Link to authority sites like journals or publications that deal with scientific data
  • Figure out your influencers and then build a relationship where youwill mutually build links  
  • Link to reputable websites 

2. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Google created Knowledge Graphs that makes huge chunks of data accessible to everyone on a single platform. It stores data and does even more in terms of connecting and impacting brands. Marketers need to influence the Knowledge Graph by helping people find professional information that is updated.  The company can come up with changes to this graph and every change must go through a validation process. Google will always scan the web to find data about a company. This means that all brand accounts should have the same type of information. For example, Wikipedia page, Wikidata Platform, and a Google plus account. The latter is no longer a requirement although being connected to Google is. Including social media accounts is also very important.  

3. Mobile Age with AI and SEO

Mobile search is important these days. However, mobile search has replaced desktop search as more and more people stop using their desktop devices and switched to their mobile devices.  Facebook created Instant articles; Google sped up mobile pages to make the search results appear faster on mobile devices. SEO has also ensured that adds all appear in a seamless way.  Fast loading for your pages is essential, especially with Google Algorithm update requiring that all websites be mobile responsive. This is called the Mobile First concept and so far, it is only implemented for larger websites who have the resources but with the next update, everyone will have to have completely responsive sites.  

4. Voice search SEO

The technology on voice search and AI has made a dramatic shift recently. There are various virtual assistants including Siri, Cortana, Google, and many others. These virtual assistants can do numerous things and make life easier. They are designed to answer simple questions, send emails, read the news, set an alarm or a timer for you, give you directions, search for nearby establishments and businesses you need and so on. Voice search is hot and holds the future of SEO in many industries. 


This trend is becoming more popular and useful. They are very useful when you are driving, and they are often incorporated with smart homes. This is confirming the necessity of focusing on conversational content because people are communicating with their AIs through their regular tones of voice. It is one of the main things that people in SEO need to know because people communicate their voice inquiries in a conversational tone, and they should adapt their content to that.  Voice search is more important now with everyone having their mobile devices. This means that you will truly have to research natural speaking patterns instead of researching keywords that people are typing. There is a huge difference between how people type and how people speak to AIs.  

5. Virtual reality (VR) and SEO and AI

Virtual reality is something that known to be different and interesting to people who has never come across it. You can experience different destinations, things, and many other things from the comfort of your home. This is a memorable content that will truly be of value to your users. VR holds the future of SEO in many industries. However, it is still not that common in households.  Although you can frequently see it on events of famous companies and brands which include it to help you experience their product better. The industry of video games has already benefited properly from the VR technology and other industries really should catch up with them.  The new technology makes the headlines of all the news in the tech world and it will continue to be one of the most important concepts that brands have to understand and incorporate in their marketing strategy. Social media platforms are already making the necessary steps, and bloggers, influencers, tech companies, and others are not too

far behind. VR and similar technology videos can be filmed and optimised with many Google tools and the content can be easily shared all over social media, blogs, websites and so on. The VR view plugin can be used to make virtual reality videos that can be embedded in a web page and played by the users.  

The future of SEO and artificial intelligence has occurred in learning algorithms, AI systems, and its related back to AI research. 

Afioga Leota

Afioga Leota

Marketing At AI Digital Solutions

Afioga Leota

Afioga Leota

Marketing At AI Digital Solutions

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