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AI and Innovation

26th October 2020

Globally, we have seen artificial intelligence grow at an exponential rate. With new innovations continuing to emerge and transform industries before our very eyes. It is no secret that artificial intelligence is the way of the future and keeping ‘in the know’ with what’s coming up next can set you and your business up for success. The marketing industry is greatly impacted by innovations and it is a marketer’s job to understand and utilise them to the best of their ability. Remaining up-to-date has never been more relevant or important. Here are 3 ways, the marketing industry has seen recent change.

1. Predictive Advertising Campaigns

It may seem like the marketing creative strategy can be left up to bots as machine learning has taken to predictive advertising. Programmai is an artificial intelligence software that can be utilised by brand and retailers to predictively advertise to their consumers. It can be used to target your company’s campaign towards a specific target audience. Using this new technology has the ability to positively impact your businesses ROI as it removes ad spend on consumers who may not be included within your businesses target market. In this way, it also improves your company’s advertising impact. The premise behind the Programmai technology is grounded in machine learning that collates insights into target consumers traits and behaviours which enable a personalised and targeted marketing approach.

2. Rethinking Customer Acquisition

Imagine if you could know exactly the content your consumers want to see before they know they even want it. Imagine if you knew exactly where to publish this content for visibility.  


Although artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies are based off of past data, artificial intelligence has the ability to focus its technologies on customer acquisition. In collecting data, simultaneously and constantly on hundreds of consumers online activity, companies are now able to link this online activity to present a well-researched understanding of each potential consumer and their only habits. Technology then has the ability to identify which sites have the largest influence in your brand’s industry and which sites have the ability to drive the most customers to your specific brand. This technology has revolutionised how brands think about obtaining a larger consumer base and will continue to refine and develop into the future. 

3. The future

The future of innovation within the artificial intelligence space will be driven by these deep learning models that we have seen emerge in May AI innovations today. These new models are predicted to harness both supervised and unsupervised learning which will have the ability to provide greater insights into consumers and their online footprint. AI innovators are attempting to offer a ‘triple threat’ of AI machine learning methods to the market encompassing a decrease in data volume, human intervention, and labelled data. Scientists and engineers are hoping to transform the future of the industry and create methods that can ‘mimic human thought patterns like reasoning and perception.’  

Isabella Bradford

Isabella Bradford

Microsoft Partner Manager At AI Australia

Isabella Bradford

Isabella Bradford

Microsoft Partner Manager At AI Australia


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