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5 Reasons Your Company Should Shift to AI Driven Digital Marketing

July, 2020 By James Lawren

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into many aspects of our lives. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ sounds futuristic but we don’t realise it’s all around us. Its derived from things we do every day. Our posts on social media, what we’re looking at whilst online shopping, the things we like, the pages we follow. This is all valuable information that can be used to optimize and simplify marketing campaigns. These types and amounts of information can only be gathered and analysed by AI technology. So, it may be time for you to shift to AI driven marketing.

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If you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why:

1 – Personal profiles of customers can be made from the data allowing you to provide personalised service.

The data AI collects from a customer’s online activity can allow it to create a profile of the individual. This allows the AI to understand what kinds of content the individual will be interested in. If your company presents that kind of content to the individual, they will be more likely to engage in your company than if they were just part of a general mailing list or target group. With findings that 43% of people are more likely to make purchases from companies that personalise the experience (Accenture, 2017), it is a no-brainer to start implementing these practices immediately!

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2 – Company views and interactions can be maximised by knowing the right time to post.

AI can also analyse data from social media platforms and find the peak times certain target groups are online. This allows you to post content for them at a time you know they’re going to see it. This leads to more views and higher interactions for you. Both of which can increase your brand presence and also boost you on the existing algorithms on those platforms.

3 – Customer interactions can be automated whilst still seeming natural and non-robotic

We’ve been discussing a customer’s digital footprint, but companies have them too. AI has the ability to analyse your company’s tone, message and voice. This can then be used to automate content creation or even customer interaction. This allows companies to reduce the human workload. Additionally, integrations of sophisticated ChatBots allow customers to interact with a humanlike figure that can quickly answer their questions without long wait times. This reduces the loss of customers due to poor customer service.

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4 – Continued Learning allows your marketing tactic to change as you or your customer does

AI is constantly evolving due to its steady consumption of information. As your company or customer evolves over time, AI knows how to change its output to mirror that change. This can include a change of tone in your company’s content creation and interaction. Or it can evolve to target a customer’s new interests or their changing online patterns.

5 – Integration of all these practices will only lead to an increase in revenue

Whilst most companies may be hesitant to jump on board the AI bandwagon due to its cost, they should instead focus on the long-term savings they will get instead. Traditional marketing software gives you the tools to increase revenue, but if you don’t effectively use them it is a waste. Additionally, data analysis has to be performed independently and then be integrated into the marketing campaign. One wrong move in these steps can be detrimental to the business. AI gets rid of all those steps. It gives you an all in one, highly automated and intelligent service which allows you to save money and make money.

AI technology is constantly improving. We can do so much now but in the future we could do so much more. Investing in AI is the smartest decision you could make, and we hope we’ve convinced you why. Contact us to see how you can get started on integrating AI into your workplace!

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